One of the key things I think is important is to let client’s and potential clients know what is your photography style.

I think it is best to keep this simple and to the point.  

I shoot a documentary style of wedding photography

A candid approach to wedding photography. The focus is on capturing authentic moments over the staged ones. The split on delivery is normally 80% candid and 20% staged or posed images.

My colors are can be described as a warm true to life image. I try to keep whites looking like the colors white and blacks looking like the black. Real true-life colors are what I strive to deliver.

I keep this minimal. Some skin smoothening with the occasional blemish removal. No excessive body shaping or image contouring is normally done. My focus is on capturing real life authentic images.

I’m based in The Bahamas but will travel to wherever your story takes you.If you are happy with what you see, connect with my style of photography and want to learn more please feel free to contact me HERE!

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