Checklist for looking your best on your wedding day!


Before we get to the checklist, which I am sure everyone is here for, I want to discuss one critical element, which underpins most of the work outlined in the checklist. This is a not so well known area, which I do not think is discussed but critically important. REVIEW YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS PORTFOLIO BEFORE SELECTING THEM TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR WEDDING.


Everyone has an expectation of how they want their images to look. The best way to ensue this is to find a photographer whose work aligns with your vision. Key to this is making sure the photographers work is consistent across multiple clients. Not all photographers are created equal and many specialize in one style or another.

Yes, it is all wedding photography but some photographers have a more natural un-posed style (like me) and others have a more posed editorial style. Assuming that a photographer can seamlessly capture both styles may not result in the best images or work that meet your expectations. It also may force the photographer to do work in a style they do not prefer to do. This is never a good recipe for expectation to be met and exceeded.

Once you have selected a photographer that aligns with your vision here is a useful checklist you can use to make sure you are looking your best for your special day.


  • Any facials/microdermabrasions should be done 2 weeks prior and waxing/threading should be done 2 days prior to the wedding day.
  • Do any color touch ups to your hair about 1 week prior to the wedding day. This will allow some time for color to set and corrections to be done if preferences change closer to the wedding day.
  • Make sure the hair is clean, product free, and dry on the morning of the wedding (Hair will hold a style longer if it is not freshly shampooed). If your hairstyle requires before day prep work, make sure to have this all completed before the day of the wedding.
  • Wash your face the night before and remove all traces of makeup. This allows for the best makeup application the next day.
  • Consider wearing your undergarments under a robe or button front shirt. This makes slipping into your dress much easier once hair and makeup is done.
  • If you are doing a tiara/ hair crystals/ jewel combs or flowers in your hair, make sure have them laid out for the hairstylist.
  • Veils should be steamed/pressed and placed in a place to avoid traffic but near the hairstylist for easy access.
  • Outlets are important so make sure where you’re getting ready has easy access to outlets for your MUA and Hairstylist.
  • If you are using any special makeup or specialty products that you are supplying (such as a particular face cream or foundation that you really love or a product that is specific to your sensitive or allergy prone skin), be sure to lay those items out on the day of the wedding.
  • Pack a face-kit. Unless you have hired your MUA to do a touch up after the ceremony then this will be critical (this may include lipstick, lip-gloss, blotting papers, pressed powder, bobby pins, eyeliner, etc.). Some MUA will offer this to you after application so it is a good question to ask when selecting a MUA.


  • Be sure to fit your suit 1-2 weeks before the wedding. Please do not forget to do this as it may be challenging to make required alterations the day of the Wedding.
  • A dentist visit for teeth whitening is not required but a good idea a week or so before the wedding day.
  • Be sure to get a good night rest. Leave the late night bachelor party the night before tradition in the past.
  • Make sure have all your suits in a central place.
  • Be sure to organize haircuts and shaves the night before or at least 6 hours before the wedding time (preferably the day before would eliminate any potential logistic issues).
  • Be sure to have a handkerchief in either your pocket or the best man’s pocket.

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