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Bahamas Engagement Photographer // John Watling’s Distillery

This was an awesome classic themed engagement session of Charlo and D’Andrea as the historic John Watling’s Distillery located in central Nassau, Bahamas.

Bahamas Engagement Photographer // Ocean West Boutique Hotel

Bahamas Engagement Photographer // Downtown, Nassau, Bahamas


Bahamas Wedding Photographer // Wesley Methodist Wedding


Wonderful Spring Wedding in Nassau, Bahamas of Charles and Uralee. As a wedding photographer here in The Bahamas, I am very much used to the moving around on a wedding day. For this wedding, the prep, ceremony, portraits and reception were all at different locations. I started my day covering bride prep at the Atlantis Resort while my second shooter covered groom prep in

Bahamas Wedding Photographer // Holy Trinity Wedding


Holy Trinity Wedding of Travis and Janea.

Bahamas Wedding Photographer // Balmoral Wedding Photographer

The Balmoral Clubhouse wedding of Julian & Tashena

Bahamas Wedding Photographer // Charlottesville & Turnberry Wedding


Charlottesville & Turnberry Clubhouse wedding of Martin & Delaine.

Bahamas Wedding Photographer // Wedding at Sapodilla, Bahamas

It was late October and daylight savings was coming to an end. For a wedding photographer that means a shorter window for light in the evenings. On the bright side, the number of weddings seem to peak in the fall and winter months. Summers can be very harsh in The Bahamas, so it seems like that slight drop in temperature just makes people want to say “I do!”