Bahamas Wedding Photographer // Wesley Methodist Wedding


Wonderful Spring Wedding in Nassau, Bahamas of Charles and Uralee.

As a wedding photographer here in The Bahamas, I am very much used to the moving around on a wedding day. For this wedding, the prep, ceremony, portraits and reception were all at different locations.

I started my day covering bride prep at the Atlantis Resort while my second shooter covered groom prep in the eastern part of the island. I often enjoy working in resort rooms because often its not too difficult to find good lighting. There is often a big window, sliding door or balcony that I can use to really get some good lighting.

I loved working with Charles and Uralee because their focus was on capturing meaningful real moments. I was able to move around freely and capture authentic moments of every aspect of the day. Their love was evident and easily captured with the reactions and interactions with each other and loved ones.

Their reception was at a lovely hall in the eastern district of the island. This was more of your standard reception, however what stood out was the heartfelt toast from the maid of honor. As she covered their lifelong escapades and how much they meant to each other, it was truly a moment to remember. I love when true emotion can be expressed and felt during the day. 





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