Bahamas Wedding Photographer // Holy Trinity Wedding


Wonderful Spring Wedding at Holy Trinity Church of Travis and Janea.

As a wedding photographer here in The Bahamas, I love working with clients who make the job logistically easier. Weddings where the ceremony and reception are all held in one location, makes it so much easier to cover the day’s events.

I started my day covering bride prep in the eastern part of the island, while my second shooter covered groom prep. This particular wedding was unique as the Bride and Groom got ready in their childhood homes. Although this meant it was a bit tougher to find great light, it did add to the sentimental value of the day.

The ceremony was conducted in the Holy Trinity Church, with family formals and portraits to follow on the Church’s front lawn and event hall respectively. The weather was expected to be “iffy” so we decided to reduce the chance of catastrophe and have all the images done on property.They had a reception in the event hall, so right after the images, the party started. There was not a large bridal party so it limited the amounts of toasts.

Before we knew what was going on, the party had started. Travis and Janea had commissioned me for 8 hours and at the end of the night, they were still dancing when I left. It was such a beautiful way to end a beautiful day!


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