About J.Michael Imagery

Wedding Superpower: Ninja-like candid shots; Parents love me; Joke teller

Hey, I’m Sean a auditor turned wedding photographer (I know it’s a bit of a weird transition) located in the Bahamas.

  • I love sports (football (Patriots fan) and basketball (Miami Heat fan) mainly, but any sport will do),
  • Whiskey (Monkey Shoulder :)) and Wine
  • Watching Netflix (binge watching a series may be my only vice)
  • Crime shows (from Law and Order to SWAT! Just can’t get enough
  • Good and exotic coffee (a Keurig was the only thing I wanted from my wedding registry) and
  • Trying new foods (admittedly I am a bit of a foodie

For me, I approach wedding photography like life, unposed and unscripted making the most of every moment.


What to expect!

In a nutshell here is what you can expect from working with me!

  • I love capturing authentic moments. I am the photographer for people not moonlighting as models!
  • Clean and true to color edits. Crisp true whites and deep blacks with natural skin tones to slightly warm skin tones. I am not the photographer to excessively retouch images by overly retouching skin or shaping bodies. I am deeply inspired by film photography so my images tend to have some film grain in them. The end result is a classic true to life film like image that is timeless.